Let Us Connect You

Keep Customers Connected

Use our Concierge Agents to respond to Customer Service requests, ensure Customer Loyalty, send out Health alerts.

Fast and Reliable

Choice has a firm base in technology and remote work and uses both dashboard call centers and mobile apps.

Professional and Bilingual

Choice appointments offers bilingual services in English and Spanish with the same level of expertise and no decrease in capacity.

Fields of Expertise

We are well skilled in the following industries.

Why Choose Us?

Choice Appointments LLC is an SBA firm that is MBE and DOT\DBE certified. Choice specializes in software concepts and digital marketing and management. Choice designs streamline operational efficiencies using mobile apps with their software platform and call centers.

We are also a diversity supplier. We are fully accredited as SBA, MBE and DBE certified in the state of NJ. 


We work with high standards of professionalism and ethics. Reliability and
respect are our main standards.


By means of customizing the services we provide and adapting them to the
unique clients ‘needs we make sure every interaction counts.


Our team possesses a strong background on customer service. Our orientation is
to make people´s life easier and ensure memorable interactions are built.


We see any mutual business relationship as an opportunity to improve our
client´s business and make it grow by bringing value added recommendations.

Concierge Plans for Small Business

Small or large contractors can use our solutions to better manage communication, job tasks and efficiencies.

Quick Fix

799 P/Mo

Designed for small business owners and medium sized company. A set call list to encourage customer loyalty or apprise employees of arrangements. Ideal for “brick and mortars” trying to retain customers or healthcare provider doing surveillance.


3500 P/Mo

Designed especially for hotlines, incoming call ins, informational hotlines and inventory control reporting or remote employee logins or dispatch.


17.50 per hr/ 0.65 per min

This package designed for the typical large, scalable call center requests. The call center will have all the standard capabilities and support to represent your business (park calls, warm transfer, conference, text customers, whisper to other agents, send calls over to the other branches or use your script) and provide your customer’s satisfaction. Great for overflow or escalation calls from another service outside of U.S

Legendary Support

My team and I would be very happy to demonstrate our capabilities and provide other use cases for our services

Super-charge your workflow process.